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Campus Map


Headquarter Complex

  • 1FConvention Hall, Broadcast Control Room, Waiting Room, Practice Room, Dressing Room(M,W), Night-duty Room, Warehouse, Pantry, Student Support Center, Student Affairs Team, Career Consulting Office, Counseling Room
  • 2FSeminar Room(L) 1-2, Preparation Room, Seminar Room(S) 1-3, Central Control Room, Operation Company's Office, Control Room, Interpreter Booth
  • 3FSeminar Room(L) 3-6, Faculty Dining Hall, Kitchen, Food Preparation Room, Food Storage, Washing-up Room, AHU Room
  • 4FMain Conference Room, Conference Room(S) 1-3, Ancillary Room, Conference Room(M), Video Conference Room
  • 5FAcademic Affairs Team, Admissions Team, Director of Admissions & Student Affairs, Document·Meeting Room, Admission Officer's Office, BTL Construction Team, Director of Construction Management Center
  • 6FLounge(W), Lounge(M), Counseling Room, Meeting Room(M)
  • 7FMeeting Room, Purchasing & Welfare Team, Human Resources Management & General Affairs Team, Director of Administration, Document Room, Finance & Accounting Team, Facility & Safety Team
  • 8FAudit Office, Planning and Budget Team, Director of Planning and External Relations, Meeting Room, Pressroom, External Relations Team, International Relations Team
  • 9FDean of Planning and External Relations, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Admissions & Student Affairs, Dean of Administration, Dean of College of Convergence, Head Director of Research Institute
  • 10FPresident, Reception Room, Chief Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Auditor, Dean of Graduate School, Vice President 1-2, Secretarial Office