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Want to know about Scholarship & Stipend

■ DGIST Scholarship

   Full scholarship for all graduate students


■ Stipend for Education and Research   

 · Ph.D : 13,680,000KRW + α / year

 · M.S  :  7,440,000KRW + α / year

※ Recipients can also receive extra incentives for research if you participate in research projects.

In which language is Personal Statement and Study Plan written?
Personal Statement and Study Plan can be written in English, Korean or both.
Is it necessary to submit English language test scores?

It is compulsory for Emerging Materials Science applicant to submit it.

Submitting the English language test score is optional except the above mentioned.

In case you can't submit Certificate of Expected graduation.
In case you can't submit Certificate of Expected graduation, you are allowed to submit Certificate of Enrollment in advance and submit original copy of (Expected) graduation certificate after your admission is granted.
Find the Application form
You can download the application form on the DGIST admissions website(Graduate → Archive).
Find the recommendation form
Submitting Letters of recommendation is optional. You can download the recommendation form on the DGIST admissions website(Graduate→Archive).
Want to apply : office workers
DGIST only accepts student who is not employed and can concentrate on their study because classes are conducted during full-time.
In which language are courses offered?
The M.S/Ph.D degree program is offered in English.
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Admissions Team, DGIST / 333, Techno jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, 42988, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

TEL. 82-53-785-5146 FAX. 82-53-785-5500