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Admission Guidelines

What kind of student DGIST wants to invite?

The MIREBraiN that creates new knowledge
Admission Plan
1. The students who are challenging, creative, and inquisitive minded
2. The students who want to pioneer their own field with passion
3. The students who have warm heart and leadership to share their things to others

The direction of plan about recruitment criteria

The direction of plan about recruitment criteria
Differentiation : The existing college's recruitment with student's grade-centered -> Developing the evaluation method to recruit the potential student to be future
Simplification : The difficulty to deal with about 3,000 documents of over 100 colleges -> Simplifying the document for admission to present an Ideal model for admission
Innovation : The reality with that the students rely on private lesson and private in institute -> Leading the public education restoration with transcript-oriented evaluation
Advancement : The weakness with that huge information and documents are hard to analyze and to use -> Building up the entrance examination system which is with fairness, availabilyty, is with fairness, availability, data focus, and 100% computerization

 Evaluation definition for the recruitment criteria
Evaluation definition for the recruitment criteria


Admissions Team, DGIST / 333, Techno jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, 42988, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

TEL. 82-53-785-5146 FAX. 82-53-785-5500